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March 14th, 2019 – 6:00pm-7:30pm (pst)



You’ve worked for days (months?) on that track dialing in the sound to perfection. This completes the album / EP / release you’ve been working for so long and finally, it’s ready for the world to hear!  Now what?…..

Grammy nominee MING has been DJing and producing for over two decades, racking up a huge list of tracks, fans, tours, label contacts – and a Grammy nomination. He offers private lessons and is a featured instructor on Pyramind’s Mentorship network.

MING will be hosting a live online mentorship session to ALL attendees who struggle with this issue – taking your music to the markets and finding the right partner to turn music into money! In this 90-minute workshop, he’ll walk you through his strategies and tactics for getting a record deal, including:


  • Developing a release plan Identifying your potential audience
  • Evaluating your music against your musical peers
  • Evaluating your social presence and value in the market
  • What a label does and what you need to do to market your music
  • Finding, Contacting and developing a relationship with labels / playlists
  • Submitting your music and knowing what to expect from labels
  • Supporting a label’s marketing effort
  • Rinse, Repeat 

There’s a QnA session at the end to help with YOUR music and one lucky workshop participant gets a FREE 1-hour follow-up mentorship session with MING!


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Grammy-nominated remixer, producer, writer, & international DJ

When it comes to change, you either get on board or get left behind. No one knows this more than MING. Flipping the script is second nature to this New Yorker. In a city with an ever-changing soundscape, MING remains versatile and adept: essentially a way of life for the producer, songwriter, remixer, DJ, and musician.

In the mid-90s, he was one-half of the pioneering electronic duo MING+FS. Playing guitar, bass, keyboard, and turntables, MING toured the world and gave international audiences an introduction to electronic music, opening up for acts like Sting, RUN-DMC, and Moby.

Over the last decade, MING has pulled the studio more into focus, while still keeping a hand in the touring life. He remixed singles for a star-studded lineup including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, and Black Eyed Peas. His original tracks climbed the charts, scoring four Top 40 trap remixes on Beatport. Collaborations on singles like “Disintegration” from Le Castle Vania for deadmau5’s Mau5trap label and “King Kong” for Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records staked claim on dancefloors worldwide. MING received a Grammy nomination in 2014 for the remix of Crossfingers’ “Falling Out” (featuring Danny Losito).

No doubt you’ve heard MING at the club or festival, but his work continues to percolate elsewhere. Habitat Music—MING’s music production company—supplies original music to the advertising, film, and television industries. Some of his work has been featured on TV shows such as CBS’s “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: NY,” HBO’s “Sex and the City,” and Showtime’s “Weeds.” Brands like Sears, Nissan, Chevy, Burger King, Nokia, AT&T and Doritos have also leveraged MING’s cutting-edge sound for their global advertising campaigns.

MING continues to break through in 2017: MING Presents Warmth, his internationally syndicated weekly radio show, can be heard on Dash Radio, the Main Stage channel of dl.fm, and Future.fm and his mixes now appear on Music Choice, America’s premier music and video on demand provider.

Expect a lot of exciting news in 2017 from MING. Make sure you keep up!

Grammy-nominated remixer, producer, writer, & international DJJ
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MING Presents Warmth


MING Presents Warmth Radio Show. Grammy-nominated remixer, producer, writer, & international DJ
MING’s weekly Warmth radio show features the best in today’s house and EDM, as well as exclusive mixes and interviews from guest artists. Tune in live via your favorite online or cable streaming service, or subscribe free on iTunes or Mixcloud and download the weekly episodes.

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