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mixing, mastering and record production

Welcome to MING’s Music – a creative haven for artists looking to transform their music into immersive experiences. Led by the acclaimed record producer and mix engineer, MING, we offer a comprehensive suite of audio services, including record production, music mixing, and mastering, that help shape your sonic ideas into chart-topping hits.
MING, whose industry accolades span decades, is well known for bringing a unique aesthetic and technical acuity to every project. As your mixing and mastering engineer, he leverages his vast experience in various genres, from EDM to rock, pop to hip hop, to amplify the true essence of your music.

Music Mixing – MING meticulously crafts a balanced, vibrant, and cohesive mix that ensures every element of your track shines. Whether you’re a solo artist or a band, we make sure your music sounds perfect across all playback systems.

Music Mastering – Mastering is the final, crucial step in the music production process. With MING’s keen ear and precise touch, your tracks will possess a polished, professional finish, ready for streaming platforms, CD distribution, or radio play.

Production Consulting – Tap into MING’s decades-long experience in the music industry. With tailored advice and guidance, improve your production skills, elevate your sound, and accelerate your career.

Mixing, mastering and record production examples

mixing, mastering, remix and production credits include: lady Gaga / beyonce’ / ellie goulding / kaskade / pussy cat dolls / black eye peas / interscope / sony / universal / & more!

Grammy-nominated remixer, mixing and mastering engineer, record producer, song writer, and international DJ

Why Choose MING?

With a career that has stood the test of time, MING’s technical prowess and artistic sensitivity make him a highly sought-after figure in the music industry. Our studio employs state-of-the-art equipment and software, but MING’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his innovative approach truly set us apart.

Partner with us and immerse your audience in the highest quality of sound. Explore MING’s discography to experience the caliber of music a Grammy-nominated producer can bring to your productions. If you’re serious about your music and looking for the best mixing, mastering, and production consulting, look no further. Contact MING today.



Writer / Producer / Mixing and Mastering Engineer


Music Mixing, Audio Mastering, Vocal Production, Song Production, Audio Restoration, Dialog Editing, Podcast services, Sound Design, Voice-over Recording & Engineering, & Producer Mentoring.

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